Invasion Lawyers 2

"CorporateVille's lawyers want to take away yer land and build a parking lot! Defend yer land from these high falutin' cityfolk!"


The third enemy you face is Corporateville's lawyers. They want to shutdown your farm and industrialize your land.

Required Level: 16

Population: 10

Winning: CorporateVille's lawyers have been repealed by yer astounding army!

Losing: CorporateVille's lawyers beat yer zombies somethin' fierce! You might need stronger zombies.

Gold (without casualties): 1500 (level16-22) 1875 (level23-29) 2250 (level30+)

Possible Bonus Gold: 750

Minions EnemyIcon1


Crazed Worker

  • Chance: 70%
  • Power: 2
  • Life: 25
  • Speed: 4
  • Attack: Briefcase smash
  • Chance: 30%
    Crazed Worker
  • Power: 8
  • Life: 25
  • Speed: 3[verification needed]
  • Attack: Smash with bat

Big Boss Lawyer

The boss of this invasion is an old looking man but he'll surprise you when he descends to fight.

  • Power: Punch:10
    CorporateVille Boss
  • Life: 45
  • Speed: 4
  • Attack: Punch (60%)
  • Special: Double Punch (40%)
  • Special: Stun
  • Throwing: Stapler Phone Monitor
  • Throwing speed: 1 item / 5 sec


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating the lawyers may give you several unique items:

Zombie Sign Street Light Monument Corporate banner
Zombie Sign Street Light Monument Corporate Banner
common rare unique unique


For strategy please read the Invasion Guide.

This invasion was added in Version 0.73

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