Zombie Patch

Zzzzz.....ombie Patch

"A Zombie Patch is great for keeping zombies from wandering around your farm! To gather zombies, tap on the patch. You can wake them up too by tapping again."

A Zombie Patch is a piece of ground that you gives zombies a nap. If you're tired of zombies wandering all around your farm and getting in your way, you can just turn on the Zombie Patch and your zombies will convene on it and all take a group nap. Then if you want them to roam free again, turn off the Zombie Patch and watch them all scatter and meander.
Zombie Patch ZF2

The Sprite updates of the Zombie Patch (ZF2)

Level Required: 1

Size: 4x4

Description: Gathers zombies together to sleep.

Cost: 3 Brains

Life Force: +0

XP: +240

Text: This patch of soil calls your zombie's to take a nap on it, or you can wake them up with just a tap.

Activating text: Would yo like your zombies to gather and nap on the zombie patch?

Deactivating text: Would you like to wake up the zombies?

Other notes: You can only have one Zombie Patch at a time.

Zombie Farm 2 'Info Image'.

Zpatch info


  • Although it looks like a patch of ground, you can move a Zombie Patch and store it in a Storage.
  • Zombies will still get hungry and can still enter invasions when asleep.
  • Garden zombies can fertilize plants while the Zombie Patch is "active".
  • Given XP was 300 before Version 0.84