I noticed Holly Berry and a couple other Christmas bits were missing off the pages. These are listed in the game as "Limited" and so I wasn't sure if they weren't added because they might be a one-time thing, or if they just hadn't been gotten to yet. I'm happy to add them, but there doesn't seem to be a precedent layout for these holiday extras, and I did not want to deviate off the format established. I note that Halloween items were added to the wiki (and also noted in the update section), but they aren't limited. (Some Christmas additions are limited, and some are not. And the Christmas added items are not listed in the update section.)

I'm uncomfortable making changes to other people's hard work...except for typos. And I am especially at odds with how to make new pages when a format hasn't been established yet. I am thinking along the lines of adding a "Special Event" (or similar title) that lists Halloween and Christmas...and any future ones they may come up with. You might disagree because they are covered in the "Updates" section.

An "oops" on my part. I removed a "needs verifcation" citation off the Onions page statement that this is the only plant that gives 2xp. I removed it because I can verify that it gives 2xp, but as soon as I clicked the save button, I realized that I couldn't verify that it's the ONLY plant that does. I tried to re-add the "needs verification" but I couldn't see how to do it as of this writing (I may work it out, and if you see it back...nevermind.)

I have been adding the wilting times to the entries...I hope they can stay as I personally find them useful.

Does anyone mind if I add links to data already entered? I started doing that on the Levels page on text filled in by others, and then I stopped because I didn't like changing work that someone had already started. I wasn't sure if the work was in progress, or if links were purposely not added.

Selvaan 11:04, January 13, 2011 (UTC)