Alright, I made a list of what I believe to be everything that has yet to be done. I won't post it here because it's very long, has personal notes for me, and will probably be changing alot (maybe even within 5 minutes of this blog post). But here's the gist:

  • 8 categories of decor that I need to colorize, which adds to 35 items.
  • 5 decor items that are missing pictures
  • 24 decor items that I have pics for but articles do not exist. Also, I need to own some of them in order to confirm the size.
  • Mausoleum: I have a picture but before I can write an article, I feel like I should buy it. I have two brains currently.
  • Zombie Camera: Same as above.
  • Zombie Pot: I need to completely understand how Combining works; I've combined a few, but feel I need to do a few more before writing the article.
  • 6 Zombies that needs Pics and Stats (meaning I have to grow them)
  • 7 Zombies that are have no articles, and needs Pics and Stats
  • All Plants need pictures, which I have and just need to figure out how I'll post them
  • 2 Plants are currently missing articles. How did I miss those?
  • All Mutations need pictures, which I have no clue how I'm going to do (unless someone wants to volunteer 1 picture of every mutation on a regular Zombie. It would have to be just that single mutation, and hi-res, meaning from the Stats screen.)
  • Dragon Mutation is missing. Again, how'd I miss that?
  • 4 Ground types are missing.
  • 5 Boosts are missing.
  • 20 sections are missing from various pages.
  • 4 Enemies are missing.
  • 12 Categories are blank/lacking.
  • At least 5 various pages are missing pictures.
  • 2 Articles require fixing because Wikia is being stupid and not updating icons.

Yeah. That's my abridged list. That makes 143 tasks + All plants and Mutations. Some of them will be very quick, like most of the decor, but things like the Enemies will take a while since I don't know what information is even available (like enemy strength, attack types, etc.). If (on average) each task takes 3 minutes to do whatever needs to be done, it will take 7.15 hours. Hoo boy.

Notbryant 09:18, September 22, 2010 (UTC)