Life Force

Life Force
Your zombies can't be brought to life by will alone. No, you need Life Force. Life Force is essentially a measure about how much "life" or vitality your farm has. Trees are an excellent source of Life Source, although many Decor can also supply it as well. Life Force is displayed as an integer at the top of the screen next to the leaf icon, and also on every item (e.g., "+7 life force")

Life Force does not affect plants, it is what drives in harvesting and mutating zombies. The success of both processes is majorly affected by how much Life Force you have; with low life force, you are apt to have many lifeless zombies (a zombie that is lost because of a lack of Life Force) and are very unlikely to get successful mutations. You also need a certain amount of Life Force to be able to use abilities in battle. Note: Life Force was removed when Zombie Farm 2 was released.

Best Life Force value items

  • Fence Gate, 500 Gold, +5 Life Force (1x5 squares)
  • Small Cactus, 3300 Gold, +4 Life Force (occupies only ONE square)
  • Cypress Tree, 500 Gold, +3 Life Force (occupies only ONE squuare)
  • Scallop Shell, 50 Gold, +1 Life Force (For poor players. ONE square)
    Best Value