The aliens have 20 minions so it's obvious you will reach Do or Die if you're not using the correct zombies. The alien boss has mind-controlled some old enemies to block you. Your zombies must defeat them, then go for the aliens. The minions can stack up like your zombies, 4 of them will attack you at the same time. Large zombies can hit multiple minions with Smash ability. Instead of throwing, the boss shoots lasers at you, which cannot be prevented by tapping on him. His laser shots can hurt more of your zombies. Always use hungry combined, mutated, master zombies.

Don't use lots of Zombarians. Use 6 robozombies, 6 zombielocks, 3 zombees and 1 party zombie. Make sure they are mutated very well (with 5). Master and hungry zombies make it possible to defeat this invasion as fast as that picture.(do not use green zombies or blue or red)

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: If you're like me and the strategy listed above wasn't successful for one reason or another, here's an alternative method. The Zombies attack in this order: Party Zombie, Zombarian, Zombarian, Robo Zombie, Zombielocks, Zombee, Zombee, Zombee, Robo Zombie, Zombielocks, Robo Zombie, Zombielocks, Robo Zombie, Zombielocks, Robo Zombie and finally another Zombielocks. That means you'll require (1) Party Zombie, (2) Zombarians, (3) Zombees, (5) Robo Zombies and (5) Zombielocks. Use all of the recommended Mutations for each Zombie, make sure each Zombie has attained the rank of Master and only begin an Invasion when each Zombie's Hunger Bar is completely full. In this method, three Zombies will fall in battle but will subsequently be revived by the Zombees. Finally; although it is not critical to success, use the Zombarians' "Smash" ability whenever it becomes available for use.

ANOTHER METHOD: Upon reaching level 36 and ready to attack the Aliens I was about to change my existing set of zombies to match one of the methods mentioned above. But I found just using what has worked for me for the Robots worked fine here as well, which is (in order): Party Zombie, Zombarian, Skull Head, Zombee, Zombotron, Zombarian, Zombarian, Party Zombie, Zomviking, Zombee, Zombarian, Zombee, Zomviking, Zombutterfly, Zombotron. All are Masters and I have a heavy life meter (not sure how important that is). I didn't lose any zombies in my first try and don't expect to in subsequent attacks. It is surely and also possible to endure the aliens as long as you have some Headless zombies as tanks since they have lots of life and some type of garden zombies reaching at least 3 (5 maximum or else you will reach Do or Die), and some heavy and fast hitters of any assorment as long as not too slow, or too weak.


How to beat video games?

Invasion failed

If an invasion fails, the alien boss will say:

  • Now take me to your leader
  • Resistance is fertile


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