"Check again tomorrow for another surprise."

If you love Zombie Farm, Zombie Farm loves you back. Every day you play it, you'll receive a Daily Surprise, just to thank you for playing. Generally, the more friends you have connected with via Facebook, the better your gift will be.

Currently, you can receive one of the following per day as a daily gift:

  • 100 Gold for each friend you have connected with on Facebook (max: 1,000 Gold) or 50 if you have none.
  • A regular zombie, or a headless zombie, [verification needed] the class (green, blue and red) depending on how many friends you have connected.

The gift arrives right after midnight and stays there for 24 hours unless you claim it. So you could claim your daily gift at 11:59 pm and claim another one right at Midnight.


It was removed in Version 1.01when it turned into a Wheel of Fortune.