"When you have at least 8 zombies you can start an invasion. Invasions are great way to get some gold, and sometimes even brains. So keep planting those zombies."

Unlike other farming games that are just about planting crops, Zombie Farm is about raising zombies, but more importantly, using those zombies for invasions. In order to start an invasion, you must have at least 8 zombies on your farm and have the minimum level for that specific enemy. After you pick your enemy, you can order your zombies any way you like, or you can let the game pick the order for you.

The Enemy

Enemies are the people you invade in Zombie Farm. They usually get tougher after you reach a certain level, forcing you to upgrade to the next set of zombies. Every Enemy has a specific population of minions that is displayed at the top of the screen. In addition to the minions, every Enemy has one boss, who is attacking you from a distance while his minions are fighting.

In current version the player can invade 9 different enemies.

Old McDonnell Icon All levels Ringmaster IconLevel 12+ Lawyer Boss IconLevel 16+ Arrrnold IconLevel 21+ Mr Whiskers IconLevel 26+ Robot Boss IconLevel 31+ Alien Boss IconLevel 36+ 

level 43+

Limited (Seasonal) Invaisions:

Xmas McDonnell Icon SquiDude Icon EasterBadger DairyKing Count von Uberbiss Icon Photo 12-03-12 10 45 26 AM Photo 31-03-12 8 59 38 PM
All levels Level 8+ Level 8+ Level 8+ Level 8+ Level 8+ Level 8+



The Minions usually line up one by one to attack your zombies when they get across the screen. The difference between your army and the enemy's is that (not always) only one minion can be out at a time, giving you a significant advantage. The usual goal is to get as many of your zombies on the other side to gang up on the minions as possible, also leaving a giant mob for the boss to fight afterwards.


You'll notice the boss right away: he's the guy on top of the enemy's stronghold. As soon as you send your first zombie, he will start throwing things down, or summoning some obstacles in your zombies' way as they try to cross. After you beat all of the minions, the boss will come down himself and attempt to fight off your zombies. The boss is usually notably tougher than his minions, usually with a lot of health and very powerful. If you beat the boss, you've won the invasion and get your share of spoils.


Zombie Icon
Your zombies all line up single file, ready to be sent one after another. When a zombie steps up to its turn, a filling meter appears over its head and its thought bubble contains an ellipses. To send a zombie, you must wait until its meter is complete and the thought bubble turns to a Brain. Tap the thought bubble, and the zombie will start charging toward the enemy, and the next zombie will step up. You can send as many zombies as you want and they will gang up on the enemy on the other side.


Hunger is a motivation for zombies; it determines how fast their meter will move and how often they get distracted during an invasion. A very hungry zombie's meter will move much faster and it will be far less prone to distractions. The amount of hunger is determined by the time since the last invasion the zombie was on. After a successful invasion, all zombies will be reset to being not hungry. Zombies come out of the ground starving, and become starving again 8 hours after each invasion (Or 6 hours if using Zombie Farmer Head). Each individual zombie's hunger level can be viewed on its stat page.


Distracted Zombie
However, your zombies do tend to get distracted easily, especially when not hungry. When a zombie becomes distracted, its meter will stop and the thought bubble will turn to a random object. Simply tap the thought bubble to dismiss the distraction and get the zombie back on track.


Spoils Chest
The spoils of an invasion are pseudo-random, but also depend on how well you did in the invasion, i.e., how many enemies you defeated, how many zombies you lost, etc. If the invasion succeeds and you defeat every enemy including the boss, you are awarded an amount of Gold and one or possibly more additional items. If you win, but with casualties, you will get the usual Gold amount, plus the lost zombies' price. And if an invasion fails - that's it, if all of your zombies are wiped out - you won't get any Gold or Spoils.

Loot system

Invasion Guide

For all invasions, here you can find strategy, tips, advices from various Zombie Farm players.

Related Achievements

Ready for Fightin' Achievement Ready for Fightin'
Complete the invasion tutorial.
Zombie Invader Achievement Zombie Invader
Win an invasion 10 times.
Zombie Ravager Achievement Zombie Ravager
Win an invasion 25 times.
Zombie Apocalypse Achievement Zombie Apocalypse
Win an invasion 50 times.
Do or Die Achievement Do or Die
Win an invasion after the timer expires.
Minute Man Achievement Minute Man
Win an invasion in under 1 minute.
A Close Fight Achievement A Close Fight
Win an invasion with 1 zombie left.
Zombie Domination Achievement Zombie Domination
Win an invasion with 2 or less zombie casualties.
Perfect Game Achievement Perfect Game
Win an invasion with no zombie casualties.
The Biggest Loser Achievement The Biggest Loser
Lose 10 invasions.
The Rot Pack Achievement The Rot Pack
Win an invasion with all 6 zombie types present.
Zombie Survivor Achievement Zombie Survivor
Have the same zombie participate in 10 invasions.

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