You can earn Game Center Achievements from Version 0.79. Also quests and abilities came with this update.

Some of them requires progress in the game some of them awarded after buying some stuff. There're 31 achievements in total, all worths 25 points, you'll need at least 71 Brains and more than 950,000 Gold to get them all!

Ready for Farmin' Achievement Ready for Fightin' Achievement A Grave New World Achievement Easter Island Achievement
Storage Galore Achievement
Grounds Keeper Achievement Mutant Parade Achievement Banner Achievement
Banner Achievement Banner Achievement Banner Achievement Banner Achievement Hall of Banners Achievement What's Up Doc Achievement Green Thumb Achievement Rest In Peace Achievement
Veteran's Day Achievement Master's Degree Achievement Zombie Invader Achievement Zombie Ravager Achievement Zombie Apocalypse Achievement Do or Die Achievement Zombie's Got Talent Achievement Minute Man Achievement
A Close Fight Achievement
Zombie Domination Achievement Perfect Game Achievement So Vivid Achievement The Biggest Loser Achievement
The Rot Pack Achievement Zombie Survivor Achievement Achievement

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