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• 4/26/2014

OMG!!!!! I just got a yellow tomato headed amazombie from the zombie pot!!

so a few days ago, i combined some zombies in a zombie pot, right? well a few days later(i think) i checked on my farm. i was excited about what was going to come out of the zombie pot, and then... HOLY CRAP!!! A YELLOW TOMATO HEAD AMAZOMBIE!!!! i also have a yellow ONION headed amazombie! i am not sure how i get these yellow amazombies, but they're POWERFUL. i am not lying, i played one day, and t beat old mc donald in a matter of MINUTES.
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• 1/16/2014

Wiki Adoption

Hi everyone,
I noticed that this wikia start to become an little bit inactive. I no longer play this game but I still have the power to transfer bureaucrat rights to an new users that want to adopt this wikia.
So incase someone want to breng this wikia back alive. Now is your chance.
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